A Semester In London

Studying abroad in London, England during spring semester of 2014 was one of the best decisions of my life!



I studied abroad through CAPA International. Here are some of the highlights:

School: I took three courses while studying abroad including Marketing and Advertising in Britain, International Marketing, and British Broadcasting Today. Studying marketing differences between the United States and the United Kingdom, attending a marketing conference in London, and taking field trips to attractions such as the BBC Broadcasting House and Museum of Brands and Advertising expanded my knowledge on the marketing industry in another country.

Internship: Half of my time abroad was spent interning at Captive Minds, a marketing and public relations agency in London. Writing client newsletters, generating event awareness, and editing press releases helped me develop my professional skills, especially in the public relations field.

Travel: I spent spring break, some weekends, and two weeks after the program ended to travel through the rest of the continent. Over four months I visited France (Paris), Italy (Florence, Rome, Venice, Verona, Cagliari), Hungary (Budapest), Spain (Barcelona, Madrid), Netherlands (Amsterdam), and Ireland (Dublin). Meeting people from different cultures, learning how to navigate a city with directions in another language, and staying with strangers in hostels expanded my knowledge of cultural differences.

Informational Interviews: Aside from following marketing and advertising news in the United Kingdom, I also reached out to two working marketing and advertising professionals in London for information interviews, one from an international advertising agency and another from a large international fashion retailer. Both were able to talk with me further about what it is like to work in London and some of the struggles that they face working internationally.

I couldn’t be happier with my study abroad experience and am now looking for ways to apply what I have learned in my life at home in America. Now the only question is, where should I travel to next?


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